How to Start Reselling Business?

How Cartlay Works:-

Let us understand how this process works in a simple manner.

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  • You join Cartlay by registering for free. Click here
  • You see amazing products at wholesale prices from suppliers (manufacturers and wholesalers)
  • You copy their products by creating your own virtual shop online .You don’t have to buy the product. You also don’t have to pay anything for your virtual online shop. You can markup the price by adding your margin.
  • A customer likes a product & purchases it from you.
  • The amount stays with Cartlay until the customer receives the product.
  • The order is then forwarded to the supplier.
  • The supplier then directly ships the order to the customers via Cartlay’s delivery process.
  • After a successful delivery to the customer, Cartlay releases the payment to the supplier and the margin-amount to you.

The Benefits:-

There are a lot of benefits to resellers (Resellers are the people who do not have the inventory but get the products from Suppliers whenever an end buyer places an order from them) like you on our platform. These are discussed below:

  • No need of inventory: Managing inventory is exhaustive & takes a lot of time and resources. Cartlay gives you a simple platform, on this platform you can manage your all customers and send them products directly from Cartlay.
  • Product variation: You can sale our products to your customers and earn margin from Cartlay Application. Cartlay will provide you best deals. Cartlay will pay your margin amount to your wallet instantly.
  • Work from home: Cartlay provides the comfort to work from your home. All you need is your phone and Internet connectivity. No running around, no offline cash transaction, no door to door sales – Cartlay eliminates all these.

Start Your Reselling Career in 4 Simple Steps